Charlie Balch

Clean & Clear - “Confidence in Yourself”

Featuring: Azure Antoinette

Director:  Miranda Penn Turin

Producer: Danny Harris

Editor: Cris Mertens

Steadicam: Neils Lindelien

1st AC: David MOBI Olaoniye

Gaffer: Robert Oliva JR

Key Grip: Soda Pop Franchot

My Position: Director Of Photography 

Check out the behind the scenes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDRlCRBv-3g&list=PL00EDE2D6F66BE503

* Selected scenes from outside shoots*

Wanklemut, Emma Louise - “My Head Is A Jungle” (MK Edit)

Director / Editor: Elliott Sellers

Production: Doomsday

Producer: Kourtney Gleason

Prod Designer: Ambrlee Putnam

MOVI: Robert Spaulding

1st AC: Jake Humbert

Gaffer: Robert Oliva

Board Op: Derek Hoffman

Lasers: Jeff Webster

Key Grip: Pat Hefferman

My Position: Director Of Photography

Clean & Clear - “Bridgit Mendler”

Director: Miranda Penn Turin

Production: Philly Mack

1st AC: Dustin Miller

Gaffer: Micheal Love

Key Grip: Victoria Chenoweth

My Position: Director Of Photography

Diamante  - “Bite UR Kiss”

Director: Rami Hachache

Production: Prettybird

Director Of Photography: Niko Weisnet 

My Position: Gaffer

THR - Comedy Actor Roundtable

Producers: Stephanie Fischette, Carrie Smith, Lindsay Indermill

Editor: Brian Rovanpera

Camera Operators: Wojciech Kielar, Ryan Heraly, James Fields, Vincent Venturella, David McCabe JR

Gaffer: David McCabe JR

My Position: Director / Director Of Photography

Mark Ballas - “Get My Name”

Director: Derek Hough

Director Of Photography: Niko Wiesnet

Steadi Op: Niels Lindelien

Key Grip: Chris Stalsworth

Best Boy Electric: Mike Love

My Position: Gaffer

First Aid Kit - “My Silver Lining”

Director: Elliott Sellers

Producer: Courtney Davies

Production: Doomsday

Production Design: Tyler Jensen 

Gaffer: David McCabe Jr

Key Grip: Eddie Barraza

Movi Op: Robert Spaulding

2nd Unit DP: Bryan Dos Reis

My Position: Director Of Photography

Savior Adore - “Beating Hearts”

Director: Bryan Dos Reis

Directors Of Photography: Elliott Sellers & Bryan Dos Reis

My Position: Gaffer

A blast from the past. Excited this one was finally released!

Young Money Ft. Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne - “Senile”

Director: Colin Tilley

Production: London Alley 

Director Of Photography: Niko Wiesnet

Production Designer: Brandon Mendez

Key Grip: Phil Sperry

Best Boy Electric: Morgan ‘Crikey’ Smith

My Position: Gaffer

The Subs ft. Colonel Abrams - “Trapped”

Director: Jimmy Marble

Producer: Sage Price

DP: Kelly Moore

Key Grip: Cody Cloud

My Position: Gaffer